Benvenuto nella Famiglia Frutti di Bosco

La tua destinazione per arredi Montessori e materiali educativi

Welcome to the Frutti di Bosco family

Our artisan production house, where the passion for carpentry and creativity meet the magic of childhood.

Our love story has been the engine that has driven our business to create products that promote the growth and development of children in a healthy and environmentally sustainable way. Our attention to sustainability is also reflected in the choice of our materials: we only use fine wood from responsibly managed forests and we only work with suppliers who share our philosophy.

Aria is the youngest of the team, born in 2018 she was our inspiring muse her need to move freely and to be able to access surfaces that are normally too high led us to create a Learning Tower tailored to the needs of both the child and the parents , is a wooden Montessori tower that allows children to have a unique and sensory learning experience. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used as a high chair and adapt to the needs of each family. The height-adjustable footplate and removable bar make it safe and easy to use.

We decided to found Frutti di Bosco® to create products that were simple...useful and reusable, made with natural and sustainable materials and the Frutti di Bosco® trademark was registered to guarantee you the genuineness of our products and their production chain, from materials from which they are made to the craftsmen who work them.

Thank you for choosing Frutti di Bosco® and for listening to our story.

We take pride in creating unique, high-quality products for our little customers and their families, and are happy to share them with you. We hope to have the opportunity to be a part of your life and enrich your children's world with our products.

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our story

We are a family business united by a passion for nature and craftsmanship

and as Artisans who love the design of eco-sustainable furnishings we are here to offer you the best of Italian Design and its functions with the aim of creating simple and functional products with only ecological and eco-sustainable materials.